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Have more than 20 years of experience in gold ore beneficiation, especially gold ore beneficiation technology. It has cyanide gold extraction process, flotation gold separation process, re-selection gold separation process and placer gold selection process.

Gold mine flotation production line

Flotation is a common beneficiation production line used by gold concentrators to process rock and gold mines. It is often used to process gold ores containing sulfide minerals with high floatability. The flotation process can enrich gold into sulfide minerals to a greater extent, the tailings can be directly discarded, and the cost of beneficiation is low. 80% of rock and gold mines in my country are selected by this process.

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Gold Mine CIL Process (Carbon Leaching Method)

Gold mine CIL (Carbon In Leach) process, that is, carbon leaching gold extraction, is a process of adding activated carbon to the pulp and leaching and adsorbing gold at the same time. In the carbon leaching gold process, cyanide leaching pulp and activated carbon absorb this Two steps are one step, which reduces management costs while reducing losses. Compared with the traditional CCD process, it saves 66% of the investment cost, and is the main process of modern gold beneficiation.

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